The drive of Living Hope is sharing the Good News of Jesus with everyone we can.  To date, there are 17 church plant and partnerships associated with our ministry.  Each one of these churches is served by an indigenous minister trained in Honduras.  These churches work together in identifying children who need help pursuing their education, families that are in desperate need, and communities that need help with schools, water, and homes in need of concrete floors, new roofs, or access to clean water.

The combined membership of these churches is now over 1,500, and three are totally self-supporting.  Sponsored churches receive funding for a salary for their minister, benevolence assistance, and fuel stipends for the preacher to better serve the community.  Preliminary efforts are now underway for the next church plant scheduled for 2019.


Volunteer professionals from the US travel quarterly to conduct 2-3 seminars tailored to better equip local evangelists and church leaders that include biblical studies, ministry refinement and special seminars for women.  These seminars follow a pre-planed to enhance the abilities and opportunities of local leaders.  Living Hope is committed to finding, supporting and providing continuous professional development for national preachers and church leaders to ensure churches that represent and respect the local culture, 


One benefit of building a fellowship and association of area churches is the ability of youth form various villages to visit together, encourage one another, and grow in their relationship with God.  Living Hope sponsors the area youth to attend area and national youth events and conducts "Youth Days" that draw over 300 people from throughout the region.