Johnnie Pilgrim

Board Chair

Johnnie Pilgrim is a founding member of the board and serves as Chair of the Board. He has been an active member of the Board and Executive Committee since Living Hope was chartered as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2013. Johnnie has proved to be an effective and respected leader overseeing daily activities as if he were staff. He brings 20 years of business ownership experience to the ministry, as well as 24 years as a deacon in the Church of Christ in Newnan, Georgia, where he now serves as an elder. Much of that time he has been in charge of the youth ministry and has supervised many youth groups traveling to Honduras. He estimates having made more than 25 trips to Honduras since the organization’s inception, where he advises and interacts with the Honduran staff and community. He has been highly involved in establishing good practices on the farm, the Children’s Home, and has helped to shepherd church growth. Johnnie is also a member of the USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol and is currently Commander of the Griffin GA Squadron. He is a certified Real Estate Appraiser.