Born of Service & Love

Each summer youth groups from the states make mission trips, contributing their time and talents to work with Living Hope. Students plan enrichment activities for the girls in the home, work on construction projects and visit community churches to serve as needed. Designated board members plan and supervise the groups. Groups of adults from various churches often plan similar trips.

Mission groups have served as a major labor force for Living Hope for more than 20 years. They have worked alongside the local and Honduran staff and community volunteers to install pilas (outdoor wash basins), pour concrete flooring in homes previously built on dirt, and served as carpenters and masons on both Nanny’s Casa and the Director’s Home. The next project involves a team of engineering students from Abilene Christian University who will construct a sewer and drainage system for the new children’s home, Lynn’s Casa.

Members of a Living Hope For Honduras Mission Trip helping construct cement floors for Honduran citizens.



Our Volunteers Make It All Possible

Volunteers on a mission trip with Living Hope For Honduras.


Those who participate in Living Hope’s mission trips leave with a new understanding of how valuable it is to learn about another culture and find commonality with people who live in another country, a country that is considered “third world,” but rich in history and resources that are not necessarily monetary. The experiences and friendships that are formed that are life-altering. Our hope is that these young people will advocate for Living Hope as they establish themselves as adults, passing on a legacy of service. Perhaps they are future Board members or staff!

Young children sitting next to Living Hope For Honduras member Bob Walters.
Young children served in a variety of way via the efforts of Living Hope For Honduras.


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