CHILDREN'S HOME          "Esperanza Viva"

Esperanza Viva Children's Home

Among the challenges facing children in Honduras, none are more urgent than building families and homes grounded in hope and the love for God.  UNICEF reports that there are over 250,000 orphaned or abandoned children and more than 10,000 are sold into child trafficking each year.


"Nanny's Casa" is the first home located on a 150-acre farm outside of the city of Gualaco.  It is home to 12 girls rescued from hopelessness and abuse.  Under the direction of Elvin and Maribel Espinal, these girls now have a loving, Christian home that provides support, encouragement, education, healthcare, tutoring and all other services necessary to assist these children to overcome the physical and emotional scars of neglect, rejection and abuse.  


Plans are to construct the 2nd home in 2019!  While the funds for construction have been generously provided, our pressing need is securing the required funds to provide for the ongoing costs of caring for these young girls in desperate need.  Please become a Children's Home Sponsor today!

Meet our Directors

Elvin and Maribel Espinal joined Living Hope after serving for seven years as house parents and Asst. Directors of Jovenes en Camino, a wonderful home for boys located in southern Honduras.  Elvin is a graduate of the Baxter Institute located in Tegucigalpa and serves as a teacher and preacher at the local church.  Maribel also leads the youth group at church.


Along with their two children, Elvin and Maribel serve as the loving parents of the girls of Esperanza Viva and direct the work of the "tias," farm workers, tutors and all other personnel required.

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