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One of the most impactful/measurable initiatives of Living Hope is providing scholarships for high school and college students in and around Gualaco. Most students in Honduras leave school after the 6th grade to work, since high school involves costs for books and uniforms. Each year 300 students come to area church buildings to interview, dreaming of winning a scholarship to complete high school or college and a vision of a better future. The rate of graduation in Honduras is about 10%. Twenty percent of our students graduate, double the national average.

Individual donations provide scholarships for students who excel scholastically, show initiative and past educational success. The number of qualified students is always greater than the sponsorships. Donors are always needed to maintain and expand scholarship opportunities.

Student in Honduras receiving a scholarship via the efforts of Living Hope For Honduras.


Donors Make It Possible

Students in Honduras applying for scholarships, offered via the efforts of Living Hope For Honduras.

Board member Jan Oliver plans and oversees this important work. It began with 12 university students in 2014 which included Derick Carbera, the present Medical Doctor in Gualaco, Victor Sanchez, Living Hope’s Finance Director, and many others since who became teachers, nurses, businessmen and women.

Scholarship for one student grade 7 – 12 is $375/year

Scholarship for one student to the University in either Tegucigalpa or Juticalpa is $2500/year. This pays for travel, boarding, food, books, fees and general expenses.

Donors may contribute to our scholarships easily with an online donation. For more information on how you can provide hope for a deserving student, please connect with us today.



Young woman and girl posing for the camera in Honduras.



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