A Safe, Loving Home

It is a pleasure to announce the opening of the Casa de Lynn! This second home for girls is the result of a generous gift in the form an endowment from Mrs. Julia Reeves, longtime friend of our founders, Pat and Bob Walters. The home is named for Mrs. Reeves daughter, Lynn, who passed away in 2013.

Mrs. Reeves has been touched by the mission of Living Hope to provide homes for abandoned and abused girls. She hopes to inspire love and safety in a country that is poverty stricken and without the resources available in the US. Because of her generosity, Lynn is honored by providing the kind of home that all mothers want for their children. The new home will accommodate 12 girls, adding to the 12 now in Nanny’s Casa.

Casa de Lynn will host formal opening ceremonies on January 15, 2022. Many Board members and staff will celebrate with the surrounding communities and local leaders.

Casa de Lynn on a beautiful sunny day in Honduras.

Late 2021


An Early Start

Helpers of all kinds are working to make sure everything is finished for Casa de Lynn to serve underprivileged girls in Honduras.

Late 2021 - Last Preparations

Casa de Lynn is now open, a few weeks earlier than planned due to an urgent need to house four girls. Three of them are babies!

DINAF (the Honduran equivalent of Child Protective Services) called Living Hope to come to Choluteca to take the girls as soon as possible. Here are their profiles:

  • A four-year-old, who was admitted in a state of malnutrition, coming from a very poor family (who disappeared), leaving her with no one to care for her.
  • Two babies, ten and seven months, who were found in a bar/brothel abandoned by alcoholic mothers.
  • A fifteen-month-old, who was rescued from a home after being abandoned.

Some have understandably asked, how can a mother abandon a baby? It is often a result of the extreme poverty in Honduras as well as mistreatment of women. Many become pregnant through lack of education and/or abuse, often at extremely young ages. There are few social services to help.

Living Hope considers it a privilege to take custody of these precious girls and give them a home of love, joy and safety. It is because of our many friends and donors that we are able to continue this blessed work. Pray for the girls, and the staff, that all will be good stewards of this wonderful opportunity. And please help with donations if you can!