Living Hope for Honduras has been able to send hundreds of kids to school, plant churches and provide a loving, Christ-centered Children's Home for girls who have been abandoned or abused.  Our greatest need moving forward is ongoing financial support for the day-to-day cost of this wonderful ministry.

Thank you for your interest in Honduras mission and the desire to serve and grow this ministry.



On the President of Honduras closed all borders and issued a nationwide stay at home order.  On May 3 that ordered was strengthed forbidding all travel between cities and restricted shopping for essentials to one day every two weeks for all families. The result has been devastating to rural families.  Please click on the video above for an update on how Living Hope for Honduras continues to serve in these difficult time.

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Your financial gifts to the ongoing expenses of Living Hope provide life-changing opportunities including:


  • first and foremost -- hearing the saving message of the gospel

  • attendance in school

  • pursuing a university degree

  • living in a loving and safe environment


Living Hope for Honduras has been able to send hundreds of kids to school, inspire scores to successfully complete their college education, plant more than a dozen churches, and provide a loving, Christ-centered home for girls who have been abandoned or abused.  Our greatest need is ongoing support for the day-to-day cost of this wonderful ministry.  Please look at the Children's Home page for giving information!


School Sponsor

February marks the beginning of a new school year in Honduras.  For only $325, you can provide an entire year of educational opportunity for a 6th - 12th-grade child in need.  Children are selected through local benevolent committees in one of more than 15 villages across the area where Living Hope serves.  The student you sponsor will receive two (2) required uniforms, school supplies, and funds required for higher level classes.  In return, you will receive a personal letter and photograph of the student you sponsor. 


Please  Sponsor a Student today.


Nanny's Casa Children's Home

"Esperanza Viva" Children's Home is a permanent refuge for young girls who have been

orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused.  They live in "Nanny's Casa," a home

provided by a loving Christian family to rescue these girls from the terror of being alone

and hopeless.


In Honduras, there are over 250,000 orphaned children while thousands are living on the

streets or in public landfills. More than 10,000 of these children are sold into child

trafficking each year. Please help us in making a safe haven for these girls.


Your monthly partnership makes it possible for Living Hope to provide care for up to an additional 24 girls in desperate need of rescue.  Construction cost for the expansion has been provided, but the pressing need is to find loving donors who will ensure that the resources are available for the expansion of our Children's Home.  Please help rescue a precious girl today.


"Adopt" a Church

Currently, Living Hope for Honduras is partnering with 17 churches that have been planted throughout the valley.  Each of these spiritual families is worshiping and serving together in cities and villages.  Each church is led by a Honduran evangelist who knows each family and the challenges facing each community.  It is through these churches that we learn of children needing educational assistance.  In addition, most homes have dirt floors, leaky roofs, and no running water.  Please help us improve and support these communities in need. It is essential that we bolster each church and find new villages to expand our ministry.  

For as little as $500 a month you, or your home church, can "adopt" a church in providing financial support for the local minister and/or benevolence help for destitute families.  Every church is a servant of their village, so your support has an immediate impact in the development and infrastructure of these communities.  Also, your partnership can be a direct investment in the efforts of God's people to share the Good News of Jesus. 

Adopt a Church and Community Today!


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All April through June mission trips have been canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please stay in touch via Facebook or web page for updates as they occur.

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Sponsor A Child

$325 annually provides an entire school year for a child in grades 6-12 

University Scholarship Program

$165 a month provides the funds needed for a student to pursue a university education. 

Church Planting

$500 a month provides the salary for the minister of one (1) indigenous congregations.

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